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a mission with a vision


The mission of Department of Law is to provide proper legal education and training in Bangladesh and the region. The goal is to educate students who will serve the people of all levels wherever they live and work with head, heart and hand. The Department is committed to impart pragmatic and community responsive legal education with the spirit and sense of justice so that the students can attain their full intellectual, social and personal potentials.

The Department is devoted to assisting students in acquiring core knowledge of law, understanding of law and use of law, committed to preparing students for practice in Bar, Bench, corporate and academia and dedicated to help students to acquire the attributes of effective and responsive lawyers.


The Vision of Department of Law is to flourish as a prestigious seat of legal education in Bangladesh. As a center of excellence, it aims as attracting students from all over Bangladesh.

  • As a centre of excellence in legal education, it aims at-
  • Commitment to justice and respect for rule of law;
  • Expediting the sense of honor, integrity, professionalism and social responsibility;
  • Integrating the collaborative teaching of theory, doctrine and practice;
  • Nurturing quality of life and creating leadership.